BiSAL (Bilingual Sentiment Analysis Lexicon) was developed for a Web surveillance project funded by the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), Saudi Arabia under its National Plan for Science and Technology (NPST) scheme. It consists of two sentiment representing lexicons namely SentiLEN (Sentiment Lexicon for English) and SentiLAR (Sentiment Lexicon for Arabic) that can be used to develop Bilingual sentiment analysis systems over Dark Web data for Cyber Security. For SentiLEN, a list of 279 sentiment bearing English words related to cyber threats, radicalism, and conflicts are identified and a unifying process is devised to unify their sentiment scores obtained from four different sentiment datasets - AFFIN, SentiWordNet, General Inquirer, and SentiStrength. Whereas, for SentiLAR, sentiment bearing Arabic words are identified from a collection of 2000 message posts from Alokab Web forum, which contains radical contents. The SentiLAR provides a list of 1019 sentiment bearing Arabic words related to cyber threats, radicalism, and conflicts along with their morphological variants and sentiment polarity. For polarity determination, a semi-automated analysis process by three Arabic language experts is performed and their ratings are aggregated using some aggregate functions.

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