Research Associates/ Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Mohd Fazil

Worked on a SAU-Funded Research Project during 2018-2020

PhD Students

Dr. Vineet Sejwal

Thesis Title: Towards the Design of a Context- and Trust-Aware Recommender System

Dr. Sajid Yousuf Bhat

Thesis Title: A Structural Data Mining Framework for Social Network Analysis

Dr. Mohd Fazil

Thesis Title: Characterization and Detection of Socialbots in Online Social Networks

Dr. Md. Aslam Parwez

Thesis Title: An Integrated Data Analytics Framework for Climate Specific Disease Surveillance

Dr. Chetna Kumari

Thesis Title: Designing Inhibitor Targeting Autophagy Regulating Kinases for Cancer Using Machine Learning Techniques

Dr. Ashraf Kamal

Thesis Title: A Unified Data Mining Approach for Detecting Figurative Language in Twitter

Dr. Ahmad Kamal

Thesis Title: Mining Web Opinion Sources Using Machine Learning Techniques

Prof. Tanvir Ahmad

Thesis Title: Frequent and Sequential Patterns Mining and their Applications

Prof. Jahiruddin

Thesis Title: Text Mining for Knowledge Discovery from Domain-Specific Texts

Jayati Gulati

Snowball Sampling-Inspired Techniques for Community Detection in Social Graphs

Masters Students

Utsav Gupta

Dissertation Title: Named Entity Recognition in Microblogging Data

Usha Rani Das

Dissertation Title: Mining Online Reviews for Spammers Detection

Sana Anwar and Hellai Andar

Project Title: Abbreviation Mining from Biomedical Text Documents

Ramazan Ali

Dissertation Title: Efficient Execution of SPARQL Queries over GraphFrames

Partho Sarathi Sarker

Dissertation Title: Clustering in Signed Networks


Dissertation Title: A Comprehensive Empirical Evaluation of Existing Word Embedding Approaches

Nikita Kumari & Basanta Kumar Singh

Project Title: Detecting Rumors in Twitter Using Deep Learning Techniques

Nikhil Khandelwal

Dissertation Title: Twitter Events Classification Using Topic Modeling

Nazifa Kazimi

Dissertation Title: Textual Emotion Detection using Deep Learning Techniques

Mohammadullah Murad and Danish Kumar

Project Title: A Data Mining Framework for Social Graph Generation and Analysis

Mohammad Zafar Zafar

Dissertation Title: Clustering Big Data using Hadoop

Mohammad Baqir Rahimi & Habeebullah Ebrahemi

Project Title: A Graph-Based Approach for Sentiment Analysis in Microblogging Data using Deep Neural

Mohammad Arqam

Dissertation Title: Enhancing ResNet-50 by Reducing Trainable Parameters

Mohammad Arif Payanda

Dissertation Title: Link Prediction in Heterogeneous Network

Md. Imran Hossain Showrov

Dissertation Title: Summarization and Context Learning from Microblogging Data


Dissertation Title: Trust-aware Recommender Systems

Kauveri Rawat

Dissertation Title: Detecting Retweeting Bots on Twitter using k-NN Approach

Kamran Khan

Dissertation Title: Leveraging Emotions for Fake News Detection in Online Social Media

Kailash Purohit

Dissertation Title: CKG: Context-Based Knowledge Graph for Recommendation

Gull Mohammad

Dissertation Title: A Graph-Theoretic Approach to Rank Citation Network Entities

Golam Kaderye, Isha Saxena and Sazzadul Haque

Project Title: Twitter Data Mining for Radical Users Identification

Anjali Bhardwaj

Dissertation Title: Opinion-Based Multi-Criteria Ranking of Online Products

Amit Kumar Sah

Dissertation Title: Deep Learning and its Application to Sentiment Analysis


Dissertation Title: Analyzing Twitter Data to Identify Malicious Retweeter Groups

Anuj Saraswat

Dissertation Title: Joint Prediction of Rumor Stance and Veracity using User Credibility and Conversation Structure

Ambika Anand

Dissertation Title: A Comparative Study of Extractive Document Summarizers

Sujan Dhakal

Dissertation Title: A Bidirectional Unified Framework for Knowledge Graph Enhancement and Fake Health News Detection

Rahul Gulia

Dissertation Title: Compact Residual Learning with Frequency-Based Non-Square Kernels for Small Footprint Keyword Spotting

Vishal Agrawal

Dissertation Title: Extraction of Implicit Aspects from Text Data Using Deep Learning Techniques

Namisha Gupta

Dissertation Title: Complex Question Answering through Semantic-Based Knowledge Subgraph Construction


Dissertation Title: Features Importance Analysis and Deep Learning for Enhanced Fake News Detection

Mohammad Mustafa Hayat

Dissertation Title: Real-Time Text Stream Processing for Text-Based Emotion Detection