Current Members

Faculty Members

Prof. Muhammad Abulaish

Professor & Chairperson

Research Collaborators

Prof. Mohammed J. Zaki

Associate Department Head and Graduate Program Director

Dr. Lipika Dey

Chief Scientist

Prof. Tanvir Ahmad


Dr. Naidu Subbarao

Associate Professor

Dr. Jahiruddin

Associate Professor

Dr. Mohd Fazil

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Sajid Yousuf Bhat

Assistant Professor

Nur Al Hasan Haldar

Associate Lecturer

PhD Students

Harshita Dalal

Tentative Title: Detecting Online Identity Deceptions using Deep Learning Techniques

Jayati Gulati

Tentative Title: Scalable Methods for Finding Communities in Complex Networks

Nesar Ahmad Wasi

Tentative Title: A Study of Lifelong Machine Learning Framework

Asimul Haque

Tentative Title: Rumor Detection in Online Social Media

Amit Kumar Sah

Tentative Title: Deep Learning Techniques for Classificatory Analysis of Imbalanced Textual Data

Sielvie Sharma

Tentative Title: Event Detection and Summarization on Social Media using Deep Learning Techniques

Anjali Bhardwaj

Tentative Title: Integrating Neural Network-Based Language Models with Multi-label Classifiers for Textual Emotion Detection