Research Group

Faculty Members

Prof. Muhammad Abulaish

Professor & Chairperson

Research Collaborators

Prof. Mohammed J. Zaki

Associate Department Head and Graduate Program Director

Dr. Lipika Dey

Chief Scientist

Prof. Tanvir Ahmad


Dr. Naidu Subbarao

Associate Professor

Dr. Jahiruddin

Associate Professor

Dr. Mohd Fazil

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Sajid Yousuf Bhat

Assistant Professor

Nur Al Hasan Haldar

Associate Lecturer

PhD Students

Harshita Dalal

Tentative Title: Detecting Online Identity Deceptions using Deep Learning Techniques

Jayati Gulati

Tentative Title: Scalable Methods for Finding Communities in Complex Networks

Nesar Ahmad Wasi

Tentative Title: A Study of Lifelong Machine Learning Framework

Asimul Haque

Tentative Title: Rumor Detection in Online Social Media

Amit Kumar Sah

Tentative Title: Deep Learning Techniques for Classificatory Analysis of Imbalanced Textual Data

Sielvie Sharma

Tentative Title: Event Detection and Summarization on Social Media using Deep Learning Techniques

Anjali Bhardwaj

Tentative Title: Integrating Neural Network-Based Language Models with Multi-label Classifiers for Textual Emotion Detection


Research Associates/ Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Mohd Fazil

Worked on a SAU-Funded Research Project during 2018-2020

PhD Students

Dr. Vineet Sejwal

Thesis Title: Towards the Design of a Context- and Trust-Aware Recommender System

Dr. Tanvir Ahmad

Thesis Title: Frequent and Sequential Patterns Mining and their Applications

Dr. Sajid Yousuf Bhat

Thesis Title: A Structural Data Mining Framework for Social Network Analysis

Dr. Mohd Fazil

Thesis Title: Characterization and Detection of Socialbots in Online Social Networks

Dr. Md. Aslam Parwez

Thesis Title: An Integrated Data Analytics Framework for Climate Specific Disease Surveillance

Dr. Jahiruddin

Thesis Title: Text Mining for Knowledge Discovery from Domain-Specific Texts

Dr. Chetna Kumari

Thesis Title: Designing Inhibitor Targeting Autophagy Regulating Kinases for Cancer Using Machine Learning Techniques

Dr. Ashraf Kamal

Thesis Title: A Unified Data Mining Approach for Detecting Figurative Language in Twitter

Dr. Ahmad Kamal

Thesis Title: Mining Web Opinion Sources Using Machine Learning Techniques

Masters Students

Utsav Gupta

Dissertation Title: Named Entity Recognition in Microblogging Data

Usha Rani Das

Dissertation Title: Mining Online Reviews for Spammers Detection

Sana Anwar and Hellai Andar

Project Title: Abbreviation Mining from Biomedical Text Documents

Ramazan Ali

Dissertation Title: Efficient Execution of SPARQL Queries over GraphFrames

Partho Sarathi Sarker

Dissertation Title: Clustering in Signed Networks


Dissertation Title: A Comprehensive Empirical Evaluation of Existing Word Embedding Approaches

Nikita Kumari & Basanta Kumar Singh

Project Title: Detecting Rumors in Twitter Using Deep Learning Techniques

Nikhil Khandelwal

Dissertation Title: Twitter Events Classification Using Topic Modeling

Nazifa Kazimi

Dissertation Title: Textual Emotion Detection using Deep Learning Techniques

Mohammadullah Murad and Danish Kumar

Project Title: A Data Mining Framework for Social Graph Generation and Analysis

Mohammad Zafar Zafar

Dissertation Title: Clustering Big Data using Hadoop

Mohammad Baqir Rahimi & Habeebullah Ebrahemi

Project Title: A Graph-Based Approach for Sentiment Analysis in Microblogging Data using Deep Neural

Mohammad Arqam

Dissertation Title: Enhancing ResNet-50 by Reducing Trainable Parameters

Mohammad Arif Payanda

Dissertation Title: Link Prediction in Heterogeneous Network

Md. Imran Hossain Showrov

Dissertation Title: Summarization and Context Learning from Microblogging Data


Dissertation Title: Trust-aware Recommender Systems

Kauveri Rawat

Dissertation Title: Detecting Retweeting Bots on Twitter using k-NN Approach

Kamran Khan

Dissertation Title: Leveraging Emotions for Fake News Detection in Online Social Media

Kailash Purohit

Dissertation Title: CKG: Context-Based Knowledge Graph for Recommendation

Gull Mohammad

Dissertation Title: A Graph-Theoretic Approach to Rank Citation Network Entities

Golam Kaderye, Isha Saxena and Sazzadul Haque

Project Title: Twitter Data Mining for Radical Users Identification

Anuj Saraswat

Dissertation Title: Joint Prediction of Rumor Stance and Veracity using User Credibility and Convers

Anjali Bhardwaj

Dissertation Title: Opinion-Based Multi-Criteria Ranking of Online Products

Amit Kumar Sah

Dissertation Title: Deep Learning and its Application to Sentiment Analysis


Dissertation Title: Analyzing Twitter Data to Identify Malicious Retweeter Groups

Ambika Anand

Dissertation Title: A Comparative Study of Extractive Document Summarizers

Sujan Dhakal

Dissertation Title: A Bidirectional Unified Framework for Knowledge Graph Enhancement and Fake Health News Detection

Rahul Gulia

Dissertation Title: Compact Residual Learning with Frequency-Based Non-Square Kernels for Small Footprint Keyword Spotting